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A Winner Is…

A Winner Is…

Writ­ten by: Nevin

What is your def­i­n­i­tion of being a winner?


Likely dif­fer­ent than mine — espe­cially when inter­pre­ta­tions can stretch far beyond the lit­eral act of win­ning some­thing.

“In other words, just because you’ve won some­thing, doesn’t mean you’re a win­ner. It just means you’ve won. There is still work left to be done.” - Ryan Hol­i­day, writer for Thought Cat­a­log, from one of his recent posts: A Win­ner Does… (Inspi­ra­tion for this arti­cle and for­mat)

With that being said, the fol­low­ing are items I asso­ciate with being a win­ner, influ­enced by expe­ri­ence and/or those I have respected as winners.

You may have some of your own to share after read­ing through this list.

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*A win­ner is happy, but never satisfied
*A win­ner finds pos­i­tives in neg­a­tives, habitually
*A win­ner can artic­u­late their thoughts
*A win­ner does not demand, they earn
*A win­ner knows it is always too soon to quit
*A win­ner is a lover and a fighter (not the street brawler vari­ety, they fight for what they believe in)
*A win­ner man­ages their time well (you can tell a lot about peo­ple by what they do in their spare time)
*A win­ner likes to win; they also learn to lose, because more than win­ning, it helps them become a champion
*A win­ner knows that atten­tion to details matter
*A win­ner learns to con­trol their emotions
*A win­ner looks for some­one to stay young with, rather than some­one to grow old with
*A win­ner gets back up when knocked down, they DO NOT STOP, almost with a super­hu­man nature
*A win­ner knows how to stay motivated
*A win­ner knows that quan­tity and qual­ity are not mutu­ally exclusive
*A win­ner does not think about min­i­miz­ing risk, they think about solv­ing the problem
*A win­ner has a routine
*A win­ner takes care of their body (fit­ness, health, and wellness)
*A win­ner does not stop learn­ing, in fact they con­tinue to make time to learn so they can con­tinue to make informed decisions
*A win­ner sets reminders
*A win­ner sets the standard
*A win­ner faces adver­sity with a stoic calm­ness, and are seem­ingly impos­si­ble to rattle
*A win­ner cre­ates oppor­tu­ni­ties, rather than wait­ing for them
*A win­ner is con­stantly leav­ing their com­fort zone, test­ing themselves
*A win­ner dares to fail (they under­stand there are no fail­ures, only oppor­tu­ni­ties to learn)
*A win­ner recruits a very impres­sive sup­port­ing cast (FRIENDS and/or MENTORS)
*A win­ner knows what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
*A win­ner facil­i­tates and cares about other’s suc­cess, often over their own
*A win­ner is com­fort­able in their own skin
*A win­ner is A RHINO AND A GO GIVER
*A win­ner stays hum­ble and stays hungry
*A win­ner under­stands that as a leader, their job is to take care of oth­ers. Today. Tomor­row. Forever.
*A win­ner reads… a lot.
*A win­ner bur­dens their own prob­lems to them­selves, and lis­tens to the prob­lems of others
*A win­ner finds ways to stay pos­i­tive, they have a relent­less “glass half-full” attitude
*A win­ner always takes respon­si­bil­ity, some­times when it is not theirs to take
*A win­ner knows that hard work beats out talent
*A win­ner was not born a win­ner, but self-made
That’s right, being a win­ner is not this elu­sive or eso­teric sta­tus you had to be born into. Any­one can push them­selves to become a win­ner, to make a difference.
If you’re ask­ing your­self right now, “Why not me?” - you’re on the right track.
[DO THIS] What are some of your inter­pre­ta­tions of a win­ner? Please share in the com­ments below!


A huge thank you to Ryan Hol­i­day who inspired the for­mat of this arti­cle, and Edward Bruce who influ­enced Ryan’s arti­cle.

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