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How to Keep Her Around

How to Keep Her Around


The Lady in Red: What you aren’t Doing that you Should Be.

Guess what? If you have a ques­tion that needs a woman’s per­spec­tive (hint: we all do), chances are you’re not the only one. Chelsey is here to give you the answers you need. Chelsey will answer a new ques­tion from read­ers every month. You can get in touch with Chelsey by send­ing your ques­tions to: [email protected].

First off– thank you to every­one who responded to my intro­duc­tion! Love the ideas so far, keep ‘em coming!

I decided to start with this two part series lead­ing into Valentine’s Day. This arti­cle we’ll look at things you should be doing out­side of hol­i­days like Valentine’s Day if you want to keep her around, but next arti­cle I will give some input on how to melt her heart with your Valentine’s Day Plan (right now I am inter­view­ing my friends and get­ting some pretty good ideas to throw at you guys next month!).

In response to sev­eral inquiries, this arti­cle is directed towards some­one in a rela­tion­ship look­ing to be an awe­some boyfriend. But even if you’re not cur­rently dat­ing, you can ben­e­fit from this advice in future relationships.

I think I speak for all girls when I say there are things you could, and prob­a­bly should, be doing that 99% of men don’t do. And if you are doing it then I’m sure your girl is rub­bing it in all of her friend’s faces (yes women brag to their friends). Do you want to be the guy that your girl brags about or the guy your girl com­plains about?!

So lis­ten up:

I’m going to go ahead and pat my older brother on the back here because he actu­ally sparked this idea in my mind.

I stopped by his house the other day and I walked into his kitchen and there was a beau­ti­ful bou­quet of pink roses on the counter. I curi­ously asked who the flow­ers were from and what they were for and my brother’s wife replied-“Oh, your brother got them for me for no rea­son.” I was shocked! How nice!

Side rant: flow­ers, at any time, are the per­fect sur­prise and will always be well received.

But then I got to think­ing… he should do that for his wife, right? She comes home every day from work and makes him a won­der­ful din­ner, among count­less other things. And then his lit­tle ges­ture, so sim­ple, showed his undi­vided appre­ci­a­tion for her and what she does for him. How could some­thing so sim­ple mean so much?

Well, I decided to share this advice with all of you.

I know we all just got done with Christmas/New Year and I am sure you spoiled your girl­friend or spe­cial women in your life, but that’s not what I am talk­ing about.  It’s the unex­pected thought or gift that means so much more. If my guy did some­thing for me or got me some­thing ran­domly and there was no hol­i­day or rea­son for it, he just got it because he was think­ing about me, that would be so much more spe­cial to me. It shows you care enough to make an effort with­out being told to.

 I know that girl’s minds work a lit­tle dif­fer­ently than guys.

I will pick up lit­tle things for my boyfriend all of the time if I think he would like it or needs it and I do this because I want to. It says I am think­ing about you and wanted to do some­thing nice. Now why is this so dang hard for you men to rec­i­p­ro­cate? It also doesn’t have to be expen­sive or cost any money. You could write a lit­tle post-it say­ing some­thing nice and that would be enough. Every girl wants to feel spe­cial and you should be doing that for her if she means some­thing to you. Hey, here’s a free win­ner — send her a text ran­domly dur­ing the day and let her know you are think­ing about her.

 My last point is loosen up a bit and don’t let pride cause selfishness.

It doesn’t mat­ter if YOU don’t like to do that, or if YOU aren’t that type of guy, or it YOU think it’s stu­pid. That’s self­ish, guys, and it makes you look like a jerk. YOU need to think about what would make the other per­son happy and what the other per­son likes too. It’s not all about YOU! Rela­tion­ship is about com­pro­mise and some­times you have to do things you don’t like or don’t want to, but you should any­ways for the per­son you’re sup­posed to care about.

For those guys that are start­ing a new rela­tion­ship or who are look­ing for my best advice is to treat her right from the beginning.

Don’t stop! Where most guys go wrong is they spoil their girl­friends in the first year and then just stop. What’s worst is on our end we think you are this amaz­ing guy and start EXPECTING you to keep doing these won­der­ful things. It ends up being a let­down because you just up and stop doing those things. So KEEP doing them!

If you have a good girl on your arm let her know and don’t let her think for a sec­ond that you don’t know that 😉

Share your com­ments below and let me know if there is any­thing you want me to add to my next article.

<3 Lady in Red



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