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Going On A Date: Why You Should, And How To

Going On A Date: Why You Should, And How To

Writ­ten by: Nevin

Part of our “Become a Leg­end in 31 Days” series, this is cov­er­ing DAY 16: Go On a Date

Let me make one thing clear: the dat­ing poten­tial in col­lege – the amount of like-minded peo­ple and high con­cen­tra­tion of attrac­tive women you would actu­ally enjoy going on a date with — is not real life, a fan­tasy world where you can have your cake and eat it too. So we’re going to need you to take advan­tage of it while you can. Not to say you won’t have plenty of oppor­tu­ni­ties after col­lege, they will just be few and far between, comparatively.

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Good news: deep down, all women secretly want to be swept off their feet — fig­u­ra­tively, lit­er­ally, intel­lec­tu­ally, emo­tion­ally, phys­i­cally, up, down, side­ways, and turned around — even if they don’t know it. And who’s going to do it for them? You are, that’s right.


And maybe you’re not the “dat­ing” type? That’s okay. Going on a date does not tie you down into a rela­tion­ship, which is likely what you’re try­ing to avoid, and not the actual going on a date part. Dates are fun, and at the very least a chance to pol­ish up that irre­sistible charm of yours.

Already in a rela­tion­ship or “talk­ing” to some­one? No wor­ries – sur­prise her, take her out on a date like it’s the first time, and she’ll love you for it.

You’ll want this to unfold like a well writ­ten story, gents — with a very clear begin­ning, mid­dle, and end­ing. Just like a good book, you’ll get another look after the first read-through.


Go on to the next page to fig­ure out how you’re going to ask for the date!

How You’re Going To Ask

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