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Welcome to the blogosphere. I’m new, too.

Welcome to the blogosphere. I’m new, too.


The blo­gos­phere…

Our abil­ity to share a vision or idea and inspire oth­ers to action today is incred­i­ble.  The tools we have at our finger-tips lit­er­ally never cease to amaze me.  As the web has evolved into our sec­ond brain, a key car­rier of infor­ma­tion has become — the blog.

Look at how we grab infor­ma­tion.  Google? Bing? Wikipedia? Yes.  All three.  I find myself thumb­ing away at my iPhone’s safari browser (default Google, sorry Bingers!) no less than ten times a day — did I spell “dif­fi­cult” right?  Where exactly is Haiti? How many ounces are in a cup?

But why do we read blogs?  

The root of our inter­est is a thirst for knowl­edge.  Not facts, not quick answers, but a deeper under­stand­ing of the sub­ject.  I fol­low blog­gers like Tim Fer­rissRamit Sethi, and The Art of Man­li­ness, not for answers to quick ques­tions or per­ti­nent facts, but in seek­ing knowl­edge as inter­preted by oth­ers, who like me, are sim­ply aim­ing to know more and appre­ci­ate more.

Blogs give us the human ele­ment.  There’s some­thing tan­gi­ble about that per­son recount­ing their expe­ri­ences in Europe, or offer­ing inspi­ra­tion for over­com­ing a bad habit.  We read these sub­mis­sions because of our own innate desires to be bet­ter and to do more.  I want to travel to Europe, and I have got to quit gnaw­ing on my nails!  (Admit­tedly, an awful habit)

The infor­ma­tion isn’t always new to us either.  We know we should work out reg­u­larly, we know we should social­ize in order to expand our per­sonal net­works, we know we should save 10% of our monthly income… we know all of this, yet we find our noses buried in blog posts about these very top­ics all the time!  We need the moti­va­tion, and we need the reas­sur­ance.  It’s nat­ural for us to build our momen­tum from the suc­cess or fail­ure of others—

And that’s what the Leg­endary Col­le­gian is here to do! 

I promise to always come bear­ing gifts: Guid­ance, Con­fi­dence, & Tools

As a writer, my aim is sim­ple:  pro­vide my audi­ence with take-aways, laughs, and pos­i­tive momen­tum.  I’m work­ing with the Leg­endary Col­le­gian because I know some of my most vul­ner­a­ble devel­op­men­tal years… are when­ever I decide they are!

Now is the best time to seek knowl­edge, ask ques­tions, and put the answers we find into action.  You’ll find me writ­ing about a broad range of sub­jects, but always try­ing to give you (and me) some guid­ance,  a ton of con­fi­dence, and the tools to be leg­endary.


Until next time — Stockton

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