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Be a Spy — Sterling Archer

Be a Spy — Sterling Archer

By: Ray­ford

The Dan­ger Zone: 5 Leg­endary Lessons from Ster­ling Archer

For a lot of men, we imag­ine what it would be like to live a life in espi­onage. What could be bet­ter than being sur­rounded by fast cars, state-of-the-art gad­gets, weaponry, beau­ti­ful women, and sav­ing the world every other week? The answer is noth­ing. Since 1953 Ian Fleming’s fic­tional char­ac­ter James Bond has cap­tured the eyes of men (and women) all around the world. Men are so engrossed in the idea of becom­ing a kick-ass spy that there have been hun­dreds of spy nov­els, tele­vi­sion shows, and movies tak­ing a stab at the covert life style of a secret agent. Just look at movies like the Jason Bourne and Austin Pow­ers series, or the tele­vi­sion shows Alias and Burn Notice, every­one wants a piece of the action!

In 2010 a new ani­mated series on FX hit the TV screen and Amer­ica hasn’t looked back since. Show cre­ator Adam Reed decided he wanted to take the spy game in a very unique direc­tion. The result was one of the great­est ani­mated shows of our gen­er­a­tion: Archer! In this hilar­i­ous car­toon inter­pre­ta­tion of James Bond, the star of the show is secret agent Ster­ling Archer who works for the intel­li­gent agency ISIS (Inter­na­tional Secret Intel­li­gence Ser­vice) and oper­ates under the code name “Duchess”. Archer is a self-proclaimed “world’s great­est spy” who can be described as arro­gant, self­ish, misog­y­nis­tic, highly promis­cu­ous, and bor­der­line alcoholic.

With­out fur­ther ado, here are 5 leg­endary lessons we can learn from Archer:

1. Tenac­ity will get you far in life

 Archer Danger Zone 300x244 Be a Spy   Sterling Archer

Archer: …Lana…Lana…LAANNAAAA!!!!
Lana: WHAT!?
Archer: Dan­ger Zone!

Archer has the per­sis­tence of a child to get what he wants. But you know what? He also saves the world by relent­lessly tear­ing through bad guys. Whether you’re attempt­ing to annoy a friend, being a secret agent, ask­ing some­one on a date, mak­ing that big sale, or start­ing your own com­pany, you often need to be deter­mined. Want to be suc­cess­ful? You’ll need to be tena­cious in the face of adver­sity, learn from fail­ures and read­just strat­egy; giv­ing up is for the mediocre.

Need more proof? Take a look at sev­eral of the Leg­ends below. I’m will­ing to bet you were unaware of their letdowns:

Walt Dis­ney was fired from his job as a news­pa­per edi­tor because “he lacked imag­i­na­tion and had no good ideas”. He then started a num­ber of busi­nesses that quickly failed and went into bank­ruptcy before cre­at­ing his now billion-dollar empire.

Thomas Edi­son failed over 1,000 times before he suc­ceeded at design­ing the light bulb.

Stephen King’s hit thriller Car­rie was rejected 30 times, which lead him to throw the draft in the trash. His wife encour­aged him to fin­ish the work and resub­mit it. King is now con­sid­ered one of the best-selling authors of all time.  You get the idea. No mat­ter what your goals are, seize life by the balls and go get what you’re after.

2. Get a Role Model

 Archer with Role Model 300x186 Be a Spy   Sterling Archer

Archer: Burt Reynolds is my spirit guide.
Lana: Did you say man-crush?
Archer: No. I’m pretty sure it was “shut up”.

Every man needs that male role-model fig­ure in his life to teach the ropes and guide through a path to leg­endary suc­cess. Take a look at Archer’s role model, Burt Reynolds, for exam­ple. Who bet­ter to idol­ize than one of the man­li­est men in recent his­tory? Dri­ving fast cars, kicking-ass, and steal­ing the hearts of women young and old with that flaw­less, thick mus­tache; Burt Reynolds is a clear-cut candidate.

We may not all be able to have Burt Reynolds as our men­tor, but whether it be some­one you know per­son­ally, such as your father, uncle, or big brother; pos­si­bly a his­tor­i­cal fig­ure like Theodore Roo­sevelt, Steve Jobs, or Gen­eral Pat­ton; even a fic­tional char­ac­ter like James Bond, Indi­ana Jones, or our favorite prin­ci­pal George Feeney from Boy Meets World (you have to admit, the dude always had the right answers), hav­ing that per­son there that can recharge your bat­ter­ies when the going gets tough is essen­tial for devel­op­ment. They offer sound advice and guid­ance which is essen­tial for any man who wishes to make some­thing of himself.

3. Be cul­tured 

Cultured Archer  300x207 Be a Spy   Sterling Archer

Archer: Wait, there are ani­mals?
Lana: No, Ani­mal Farm.
Cyril: How do you not get that?
Archer: No, I know what an ani­mal farm is.
Cyril: Not an ani­mal farm.
Archer: Maybe we can stam­pede a flock of goats down the hall.
Archer: No, it’s not Lana. It’s an alle­gor­i­cal novella about Stal­in­ism by George Orwell, and spoiler alert, IT SUCKS.

One thing young men are lack­ing these days is a gen­eral knowl­edge on a wide vari­ety of top­ics. Peo­ple enjoy the com­pany of a man who can con­tribute some­thing to the con­ver­sa­tion out­side of dis­cussing recent sex­ual con­quests and his aver­age BAC level. Archer is one who is always pre­pared to dish out cul­tural ref­er­ences and witty puns to lighten the mood.

Instead of spend­ing your free time increas­ing your XBOX Live rank­ing or per­fect­ing your flip cup flip­ping speed (you’re not in high school any­more, play a real man’s drink­ing game) pick up a novel (check out The LC’s Must Read Moti­va­tional Books for starters) or news­pa­per, visit a museum or an art show, learn an instru­ment or a new skill and build up your worldly knowl­edge reper­toire. The more you are edu­cated on a vari­ety of top­ics, the eas­ier it will be to ini­ti­ate and engage in mean­ing­ful con­ver­sa­tion; it will make you that much more inter­est­ing. You don’t need to become the modern-day Thomas Young, but hav­ing basic knowl­edge on a wide-array of top­ics will take you one step closer to becom­ing legendary.

4. Look the part.

Archer in Suit 300x168 Be a Spy   Sterling Archer

Archer: I’m get­ting my turtle­neck. I’m not defus­ing a bomb in this!

There is noth­ing more dis­ap­point­ing than meet­ing a young man who has the poten­tial and assertive­ness to become leg­endary, only to have it under­mined by bad hygiene and/or a sub­par wardrobe that causes one to assume he just fin­ished a GTA: V all-nighter. Sure, col­lege pro­vides the free­dom to exper­i­ment and live life at your own pace, but that is no excuse to look like you belong in a Seth Rogen movie. Most of you will roll out of bed, throw on a pair of bas­ket­ball shorts, the first t-shirt you see lying on the floor, a base­ball cap, and head to class. How­ever, if you want to become a leg­end on cam­pus and want peo­ple to take you seri­ously, then you need to look the part. Take the cash that you’re going to throw away on cheap liquor or a bar tab and invest in a wardrobe befit­ting a gen­tle­man; it will pay off.

5. Work hard, play hard.

Archer Drink Be a Spy   Sterling Archer

Let’s be hon­est; there’s a good chance one of the major rea­sons you chose the uni­ver­sity you attend(ed) was due to the social scene—nothing wrong with that. Sure col­lege is stren­u­ous, but this is one period in your life where you get to cut loose with­out the over­bear­ing respon­si­bil­i­ties you’ll face once enter­ing the work force. With that being said, in order ful­fill your mis­sion of becom­ing leg­endary, it’s best to take a work hard/play hard approach.

Col­lege gives you that oppor­tu­nity to dis­cover your­self, your inter­ests, and future career pos­si­bil­i­ties. How­ever, how do you expect to accom­plish this when you spend all of your free time bot­toms up under a bot­tle of Jack? School, intern­ships, and extra-curricular activ­i­ties need to be pri­or­ity one. If you waste your time try­ing to #YOLO your way through col­lege, you may find your­self waist deep in stu­dent loan debt with noth­ing to show for it.

Seize every oppor­tu­nity to get involved on cam­pus and expand your hori­zons. More impor­tantly, get involved for the sole pur­pose of beef­ing up your resume. When you are apply­ing for a job, the leg­ends that were involved in extra-curricular activ­i­ties, clubs, held lead­er­ship roles, intern­ships, and had a part-time job are going to be sit­ting at the top of that resume pile. Get out there and become that leg­end on cam­pus. Focus on school and gain­ing rel­e­vant expe­ri­ence. Then, at the end of the day, by all means, buy your­self a red-eye on the Whiskey Train (age per­mit­ting) and cel­e­brate your success.

Ulti­mately, your goal as an under­grad­u­ate is to not only cap­i­tal­ize on the lim­ited amount of time you have to pre­pare your­self for the pro­fes­sional world, but to ensure that you are that much higher on the resume pile—and to have fun while doing it. Hone in on these 5 tips from Archer and you will be one more step above the rest of the com­pe­ti­tion. Remem­ber: if you think like a leg­end, you will live like a legend.

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