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How to Be a Hero on Valentine’s Day

How to Be a Hero on Valentine’s Day


Lady in Red: Nav­i­gat­ing Through The Crazi­ness That Is Valentine’s Day…

Guess what? If you have a ques­tion that needs a woman’s per­spec­tive (hint: we all do), chances are you’re not the only one. Chelsey is here to give you the answers you need. Chelsey will answer a new ques­tion from read­ers every month. You can get in touch with Chelsey by send­ing your ques­tions to: [email protected].

This is my sec­ond part series on how to keep your girl. This time we are talk­ing about how to make her feel spe­cial, so you get to be a hero on Valentine’s day.

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Now I am sure every guy will put up the argu­ment that this is a dumb hol­i­day, but like I said from my last arti­cle, it doesn’t mat­ter that you think it’s dumb it mat­ter what she thinks. You don’t want to be THAT guy that doesn’t get or do any­thing for your girl on Valen­tine ’s Day. I’ll have to say that I have actu­ally had that hap­pen to me one too many times and man does it suck to be the girl that doesn’t get any­thing and you have to see all of the crap the other girls are post­ing on Face­book and Twit­ter. So please don’t make your girl feel like that, it’s not a good look for you trust me.

I’ve also had guys go ALL out putting rose ped­dles all over my room with 2 dozen roses with a teddy bear and an expen­sive din­ner… and I would say that’s a lit­tle over kill.

So I wanted to give you guys some ideas of what to do or what not to do to make your girl’s Valentine’s Day special:


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first rule is to make it per­son­al­ized so it shows you put some thought into it.

Candy - I’m gonna say no, unless she has some­thing spe­cific she is obsessed with. Instead, make choco­late cov­ered straw­ber­ries to go for roman­tic (buy melt­ing choco­late, microwave it, dip straw­ber­ries… mon­keys can do this).

Flow­ers - YES YES YES! This is a must. Even if she says not to do it, do it any­ways (it’s a secret test).

Stuffed ani­mals - def­i­nitely NO. Only excep­tion is build a bear because you can make it more personal.

Jew­elry - don’t ever ask a girl to marry you on Valentine’s Day — just sayin’. But jew­elry is a nice ges­ture.  I per­son­ally think jew­elry should be more for your anniver­sary, so it means more. My excep­tion is if she likes Pan­dora and you could get her a charm for her bracket or do some­thing small.

Tricky part

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This is where you need to feel out what type of girl you are dat­ing. What is she into or what does she like. Here are some exam­ples:

Designer girl
- Tiffany’s you can’t go wrong with or some­thing fancy. Def­i­nitely do a fancy din­ner. She wants some­thing she can show off to her friends and fam­ily so make it flashy and big.

Chill girl– plan a night in and cook her din­ner or cook together. My friend’s boyfriend cooked her din­ner one Valentine’s Day and pulled up a fake lit fire place on his com­puter and we all thought it was adorable. Do some­thing sim­ple but roman­tic and you will melt her heart.
I always enjoy going to do things more than get­ting a gift so here are some ideas of things you can do:

  • Tak­ing her out to din­ner and plan­ning it your­self (YOU plan it not her!)
  • Take her to a com­edy club — always fun!
  • Wine tast­ing or brewery
  • Take a class of some kind together — cook­ing class or maybe a work­out class (any­thing that she has been dying to try?)

Main Point

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It’s the thought that counts — so put some thought into it to show you care.

My friend’s boyfriend gave her a card and in it he planned out a week­end get­away and you could tell he put some thought into plan­ning every­thing out with places to see, things to do, and places to eat. It was very cute!

Sit­ting down and just writ­ing how you feel is an amaz­ing gift and just takes time. Maybe 14 things you love about her? Or some­thing along those lines. Fram­ing and typ­ing it out shows you tried a lit­tle. Or pick­ing out a really nice card and writ­ing some­thing in it is enough.

This isn’t hard guys. I just gave you a TON of exam­ples so think about it and put these plans into action.

Don’t be a dead beat boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. You can thank me now.

<3 Always,
The Lady in Red



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