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31 Days to Become a Legend Day 15: Start Cooking

31 Days to Become a Legend Day 15: Start Cooking

Cham­pi­oned by: Scott
Co-authored by: Nevin

Your Prover­bial Road to Culi­nary Greatness

Start­ing to cook on a col­lege bud­get and sched­ule can be a tough task. Espe­cially when you have the free­dom to pick up fast food or some­thing quick on your way back from class or work. Mama’s not going to scoff at your col­lege eat­ing (or drink­ing) habits, nor will she be there to stop you from pack­ing on some extra weight. So what can you do, what is the solution?

Recipe Book Resize 300x200 31 Days to Become a Legend Day 15: Start Cooking

Who’s cook­book? Your cookbook.

Well, start­ing to cook, even if it’s only a few meals a week, will not only be a health­ier option for you, but an essen­tial life skill to have if down the road you want to become a man. And when you find a recipe you like or have cre­ated, be sure to pur­chase a jour­nal 31 Days to Become a Legend Day 15: Start Cooking, and write it down — it may seem triv­ial now, but in sev­eral years you’ll have an epic cook­book, cus­tomized just for you.

And if you start now — we promise you’ll thank your­self later. Here’s a few tac­tics that helped jump-start my culi­nary aspirations:

How I Became a Morn­ing Person

Omelet with spinach Resize 300x200 31 Days to Become a Legend Day 15: Start Cooking

Egg-cellent! Good morning.

One of best the best ways to start your day off is with a hearty break­fast. If you have access to an oven stove, gro­cery store, and sev­eral mod­er­ately use­ful cook­ing uten­sils, then you’re all set.

Eggs are great and very easy to make (read: moron proof) — for the begin­ners, go with a scram­ble… for experts, give a shot at an omelet. Here’s my favorite combination:

The Egg-cellent Legend’s Breakfast:

  • 3 eggs
  • A table­spoon or two of milk (makes the eggs fluffy)
  • Cracked pep­per (usu­ally I’ll use a blend of black, red, and lemon pepper)
  • Spinach or chopped bell pep­pers (you can really get any veg­etable here, rec­om­mend going down the frozen isle at your gro­cery store and pick­ing up the “chopped” variety)
  • Shred­ded ched­dar cheese (as much as you would like)
  • Deli-style turkey (really any meat will do, what­ever I have on hand: bacon, sausage, ham, chicken, pas­trami, etc.)

Or exper­i­ment with mak­ing your­self a smoothie. My per­sonal favorite is a smoothie:

The Leg­endary Home­made Smoothie

The Best Sand­wich You’ve Ever Had

Juicy Sandwich Resize 300x199 31 Days to Become a Legend Day 15: Start Cooking

Uh, did we just become best friends?”

Have you ever been stuck between two or more menu items at an eatery? Ever secretly wished they could make a menu item named after you? Me too.

Also, we don’t always (actu­ally almost never) have a full kitchen at our dis­posal in college.

Here’s what I started doing:

Make your own, and have some fun with it — you lit­er­ally get to fine tune a sand­wich to be the great­est of all time, fit to your exact spec­i­fi­ca­tions, but it takes prac­tice. Don’t be afraid to exper­i­ment or look up recipes (or even com­bin­ing recipes).

A cou­ple of my favorite com­bos include (any com­bi­na­tion of these ingre­di­ents, to me, is delicious):

  • Marble-rye Bread
  • Sour­dough Bread
  • Pas­trami
  • Turkey
  • Spinach
  • Bell Pep­pers
  • Cucum­bers
  • Spicy Mus­tard
  • Sriracha
  • Sharp Ched­dar Cheese
  • Swiss Cheese

Those are my “base” items — and then I will throw on just about any­thing else I feel like (usu­ally left­overs from the fridge).

Vic­tory In The Kitchen Equals Win­ning Her Over

Cooking Together Resize 300x200 31 Days to Become a Legend Day 15: Start Cooking

From col­le­giate to Mas­ter Heart­throb Chef.

You think cooking/food is the fastest way to a man’s heart? I would argue it’s dou­bly so for women.

If you can cook, you won’t have to worry about keep­ing her around, she’s not going any­where. Even if it’s some­thing small, give it a shot every once in a while.

Or even bet­ter — ask her to cook with you, because you want to learn. She’ll either already be a bet­ter cook, so she can teach you a few things, or you’ll both be able to learn together.

Get after it, lady killer. And you’re welcome.

We took a minor hia­tus from this series, but now we’re back. Be on the look­out for new chal­lenges over the next few weeks — you can also fol­low the updated series of posts here.

Also, be sure to print out and hang up your Chal­lenge Check­list so you can keep track. You’ll get a sneak peak at what’s to come, but can get fur­ther details with the post asso­ci­ated with each day.

The 31 Day Chal­lenge Checklist

Remem­ber, leg­ends are con­stantly improv­ing them­selves, so it’s up to you to work hard in accom­plish­ing each daily task to help you become the leg­end on your campus.

Good Luck!


Do you have any favorite easy-to-cook items that have helped you get through col­lege? Please share them in the com­ments below!

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