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31 Days to Become a Legend Day 14: Serve and Win

31 Days to Become a Legend Day 14: Serve and Win

Cham­pi­oned by: Scott
Co-authored by: Nevin

DAY 14:  The Serve and Win Initiative

We’re chal­leng­ing you to take on at least 1 com­mu­nity ser­vice project per aca­d­e­mic term.

How­ever, we know this won’t be an easy task — appar­ently vol­un­teer­ing is FROWNED upon in this estab­lish­ment (in true E*Trade Baby Com­mer­cial tone)

Seri­ously, when did com­mu­nity ser­vice start car­ry­ing a neg­a­tive con­no­ta­tion? I’m will­ing to bet either you or many of your friends have promptly given vol­un­teer­ing a thought along these lines:

“You mean we have to wake up early?“
“You mean we actu­ally have to work?“
“You mean we have to put forth effort toward some­thing that doesn’t directly ben­e­fit us?”

You know what I’m talk­ing about (if you don’t… then… *ear muffs*)

Let’s turn this ship around, lead by exam­ple, and start mak­ing a dif­fer­ence. Who’s with me?

And if that charge didn’t leave you “Chompin’ at the bits” (idiom that’s always fun to say, inter­preted as “really excited”) for some action…

Image this: we cur­rently have over 6,000 Leg­endary Col­le­gians among us (the legion is grow­ing! Hint: sub­scribe to our weekly blog updates to join the crew), and if we all accept the chal­lenge to take on at least 1 ser­vice project per aca­d­e­mic term — we’ll say that’s a mod­est 4 hours per year per Leg­endary Col­le­gian, at least — that’s an ini­tia­tive that can add over 24,000 hours of ser­vice to make a dif­fer­ence all over the WORLD.

[PLEASE KEEP US UPDATED ON YOUR EFFORTS] — it will be really cool to track the ini­tia­tive through 2014!

My friends… I’m will­ing to fight for that — are you?

So, What Exactly is Com­mu­nity Service?

Volunteer Concepts Resize 300x193 31 Days to Become a Legend Day 14: Serve and Win

Boom Boom Pow…

Plain and sim­ple: offer­ing your time to help those less for­tu­nate. Not to be con­fused with phil­an­thropic efforts, which usu­ally involves a mon­e­tary dona­tion. Com­mu­nity Ser­vice is mea­sured in hours served, not dol­lars raised.

But it’s not about rack­ing up as many hours as you can — it’s giv­ing back, regard­less of how small or big of a com­mit­ment, that matters.

Well, Why Should I Care?

Volunteers Wanted Resize 300x300 31 Days to Become a Legend Day 14: Serve and Win

You got it, Super Vol­un­teer Man!

Mak­ing a dif­fer­ence is some­thing you need to sub­scribe to. And ser­vice is your ticket, oppor­tu­nity, and oblig­a­tion as a con­tribut­ing mem­ber of society.

We all have the abil­ity to make the world a much, much bet­ter place. That would be a ter­ri­ble gift to waste, wouldn’t it?

And as a result, you’ll grow more as a per­son than you can imagine.

“There’s noth­ing stronger than the heart of a vol­un­teer.” — Our very own, Scott Barron

Okay, How Can I get Started? 

Volunteer Resize 300x259 31 Days to Become a Legend Day 14: Serve and Win

Here we go!

First, answer this ques­tion: what is some­thing that both­ers you in our coun­try or the world? Then use the ver­dict to iden­tify sev­eral projects expressly designed to com­bat your issue.

For exam­ple, I hate obe­sity — espe­cially in chil­dren. I would offer my time to func­tions such as the NFL’s Play 60 cam­paign and at local schools to edu­cate chil­dren on the risks asso­ci­ated with an unhealthy lifestyle.

The pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less — here are sev­eral vol­un­teer­ing favorites from the past few years:

  • Dance Marathons (most uni­ver­si­ties have this, if not you can start one for your school)
  • Local sport­ing events (either dur­ing in a food stand or after­ward for clean-up)
  • Local Boys and Girls clubs (awe­some expe­ri­ence men­tor­ing younger kids)
  • Local uni­ver­sity initiatives
  • Habi­tat for Human­ity (also do spring break trips to other coun­tries, check it out!)
  • Please share any you’ve been involved with or know of in the com­ments below!

Again, these are just a few I’ve per­son­ally been involved in, but there are many, many more.

If you’re not in a stu­dent orga­ni­za­tion, most uni­ver­si­ties have an office on cam­pus that specif­i­cally focuses on com­mu­nity ser­vice oppor­tu­ni­ties in the area. Ask the front desk at your stu­dent cen­ter if there is such an entity on campus.

Bot­tom line: give back to your com­mu­nity and make a name for your­self with those com­mu­nity lead­ers at the event. Also, be sure to do this with friends… or make new ones if you go solo.

We know you’re out there work­ing hard — if you wouldn’t mind keep­ing us updated with the hours you serve, we would like to add it to the initiative’s records. It will be really cool to see how we do this year!

Over the next month, be on the look­out for your new chal­lenge every day — you can also fol­low the updated series of posts here.

Also, be sure to print out and hang up your Chal­lenge Check­list so you can keep track. You’ll get a sneak peak at what’s to come, but can get fur­ther details with the post asso­ci­ated with each day.

The 31 Day Chal­lenge Checklist

Remem­ber, leg­ends are con­stantly improv­ing them­selves, so it’s up to you to work hard in accom­plish­ing each daily task to help you become the leg­end on your campus.

Good Luck!


Have any more orga­ni­za­tions to rec­om­mend serv­ing for? How about an update from your efforts? We would love to hear about it in the com­ments below!


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