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31 Days to Become a Legend Day 5: Overhaul your Smart Phone Game

31 Days to Become a Legend Day 5: Overhaul your Smart Phone Game

Cham­pi­oned by: Scott
Co-authored by: Nevin

DAY 5: Use the Power of Phone Apps

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What’s that? You just got a shiny new smart phone? Let me guess, you use these appli­ca­tions on a daily/weekly basis:

  • Face­book Mobile (self-incrimination cen­tral, but it’s cool since you have so many “friends”)
  • Twit­ter (#1 place where peo­ple broad­cast, to the WORLD, things they really should keep to themselves)
  • Snap Chat (hilarious)
  • Insta­gram (help­ing ama­teurs add pro­fes­sional effects to pic­tures since 2010)
  • Some ran­dom pro­cras­ti­na­tion game (Angry Birds? Or some­thing of the sort)
  • Tin­der (online speed dat­ing, basically)

Great! That makes you just like every­one else. From here on, we’re going to need you to step up your game.

There’s thou­sands of apps out there that can actu­ally help you learn, be more pro­duc­tive, and accen­tu­ate your tal­ents. We have our favorites, but invite you to 3 gen­eral prac­tices to ele­vate your Smart Phone experience:

First, Down­load at Least One News Application

News Resize 300x213 31 Days to Become a Legend Day 5: Overhaul your Smart Phone Game

One of the many com­plaints about col­lege stu­dents today is their lack of knowl­edge regard­ing cur­rent events. Get on your phone and find a news appli­ca­tion that you like and down­load it. Per­son­ally, I like the USA Today appli­ca­tion for how it gives you news on many dif­fer­ent areas that may inter­est you. Each morn­ing prior to class, take fif­teen min­utes and skim through the arti­cles to increase your over­all knowl­edge of what is going on around the world.

Sec­ond, Look into Podcasts

Headphones on Mic Resize 300x225 31 Days to Become a Legend Day 5: Overhaul your Smart Phone Game

Pod­casts are awe­some! They have been gain­ing in pop­u­lar­ity, but basi­cally can teach you any­thing you want to know. Some are short, 5–8 min­utes, and oth­ers range closer to the hour vari­ety. But lit­er­ally, any topic or hobby you can think of, some­one is pod­cast­ing about it. My favorite appli­ca­tion for this: iPP Pod­cast Player. If you don’t like this one, Player FM is also a good option (cool thing is it has a desk­top inter­face that you can log into). Give it a shot, try to find 15–20 min­utes of your day (while you’re walk­ing to class or on your daily com­mute) to lis­ten to at least one. Sev­eral of our favorites:

  • Art of Man­li­ness (if you love his site, you’ll enjoy his podcast)
  • Entre­pre­neur on Fire (love this, great per­son­al­ity, inter­views self-made mil­lion­aires, basically)
  • The 5 AM Mir­a­cle (some­times hit or miss, but inspiring)
  • Read to Lead (about books you should be reading)
  • HBR Idea­cast (Har­vard Busi­ness Review, great minds, great ideas)
  • APM Mar­ket­place (20-minute update on news)
  • Stuff you Should Know (ran­dom facts, but entertaining)
  • Quick and Dirty pod­casts (basi­cally 5–8 minute clips for any hobby you can think of — my favorite are The Pub­lic Speaker, Gram­mar Girl, Get-It-Done, and Fitness)
  • If you have any favorites we didn’t list, please let us know in the com­ments below!

Third, down­load apps that will help you learn

Chess Concept Resize 300x199 31 Days to Become a Legend Day 5: Overhaul your Smart Phone Game

There are tons of “mind-game” apps you can pick from, one of my favorites: Shortyz Cross­words — I try to get one in a day, but they give you just about every major daily pub­li­ca­tion of cross­words from news­pa­pers around the world.

Highly rec­om­mend down­load­ing Dictionary.com’s Word of the Day app — try to use the word dur­ing the day. Most won’t stick, but some will. Think: even if only 20% res­onate with you, that’s build­ing your vocab­u­lary by 72 words every year!

Mind Tools is a great app with arti­cles rang­ing from Lead­er­ship to Time Man­age­ment — might be toi­let mate­r­ial for you, but try to knock out one of these every day.

If you know of any other favorites (which undoubt­edly you do, these are just a few of ours), please let us know!

Over the next month, be on the look­out for your new chal­lenge every day — you can also fol­low the updated series of posts here.

Also, be sure to print out and hang up your Chal­lenge Check­list so you can keep track. You’ll get a sneak peak at what’s to come, but can get fur­ther details with the post asso­ci­ated with each day.

The 31 Day Chal­lenge Checklist

Remem­ber, leg­ends are con­stantly improv­ing them­selves, so it’s up to you to work hard in accom­plish­ing each daily task to help you become the leg­end on your campus.

Good Luck!


What apps do you use to help keep you pro­duc­tive, learn­ing, or moti­vated? We want to hear about them. Please keep us updated on your efforts in the com­ments below! 

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