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31 Days to Become a Legend Day 12: Build Your Team

31 Days to Become a Legend Day 12: Build Your Team

Cham­pi­oned by: Scott
Co-authored by: Nevin

DAY 12: Build Your Team of Friends, You’re Going to Need Them

Think: the Jus­tice League… just more Legendary.

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A very impor­tant part of your col­le­giate career is the net­work of friends you can man­age to cultivate.

We know this to be true — and assum­ing you already have a select crew, we put together a few tips to fos­ter said relationships:

Make a List

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Check it twice… fig­ure out who’s decep­tively evil or gen­uinely awesome…

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Per the arti­cle above, most peo­ple have an ‘inner cir­cle’ of friends, typ­i­cally not larger than 5. It’s impor­tant to cover a lot of ground and per­son­al­i­ties with this group, and if you don’t have all the arch-types listed in that arti­cle, it’s time to start recruit­ing (hint: some friends can play mul­ti­ple roles).

But your net­work of ‘friends’ extends much fur­ther — as in, more than acquain­tances and some­one whose com­pany you enjoy, but prob­a­bly not some­one you would trust with a secret or a big deci­sion. Maybe 15, 25, or more fall in this cat­e­gory for you? The only way you’ll know for sure is to make a list. This doesn’t have to be pub­lic or taped on your wall, but will be very valu­able and use­ful to create.

Write one up and store it away in a jour­nal or an elec­tronic file.

And don’t worry if you’re list is shorter than you thought it would be — it’s sup­posed to be selec­tive, right? These are peo­ple that make you happy and push you to be a bet­ter ver­sion of you; whether it’s intel­lec­tu­ally, aca­d­e­m­i­cally, phys­i­cally, or emo­tion­ally. Not to men­tion, this will be an on-going list for your entire life; it will grow and shrink as you travel through dif­fer­ent life-stages.

Bot­tom line: If some­one made your list, make an effort to com­mu­ni­cate with them on a weekly, bi-monthly, or at least monthly basis. These rela­tion­ships are invalu­able to your suc­cess, health, and wellness.

Be Proac­tive; Plan, Plan, Plan

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Make it a point to plan out­ings with your friends, because friend­ships and rela­tion­ships take work. You want this to be under your con­trol, as opposed to leav­ing it in the air and poten­tially let­ting an impor­tant rap­port with some­one fade away.

Use your list from the step above, and look into these very sim­ple, but mean­ing­ful, activities:

  • Grab­bing a cup of cof­fee (my favorite, and hon­estly the eas­i­est just to catch up)
  • Going out to lunch (also can help you try new places to increase your prowess of the area)
  • Going to a sport­ing event (the sky is the limit here, dou­ble ben­e­fit is rock­ing school spirit)
  • Study Ses­sion (some­times it’s hard to buckle down for this solo, invite a friend so you’re not the only one doing it)
  • Grab­bing a drink, for those of legal age (very relax­ing forum for small talk)
  • Head­ing to the gym (work­out bud­dies help hold you accountable)
  • Going for a run or bike ride
  • Etc.

You get the idea; make an effort so they don’t have to.

Try to be Inter­ested, not Interesting

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“You can make more friends in two months
by becom­ing more inter­ested in other peo­ple
than you can in two years
by try­ing to get peo­ple inter­ested in you.“
- Dale Carnegie

Over the next month, be on the look­out for your new chal­lenge every day — you can also fol­low the updated series of posts here.

Also, be sure to print out and hang up your Chal­lenge Check­list so you can keep track. You’ll get a sneak peak at what’s to come, but can get fur­ther details with the post asso­ci­ated with each day.

The 31 Day Chal­lenge Checklist

Remem­ber, leg­ends are con­stantly improv­ing them­selves, so it’s up to you to work hard in accom­plish­ing each daily task to help you become the leg­end on your campus.

Good Luck!


Have any other ways to fos­ter friend­ships? We want to hear about it. Please update us on your efforts in the com­ments below!

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